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Nov 1985 - Sold Out

Blount County: 1830 Census

Volume I, Nos 1 & 2 Dr. Ben A. Morton, 1830-1891

Delinquent Taxpayers, 1804-1805

Blount County Pioneer: William Boyd

1850 Petition by Citizens to Incorporate Maryville



May 1986 - Sold Out

Blount County: 1830 Tax List

Volume II, No. 1 Dr. John P. Blankenship

George C. Davis Pension Papers

Blount County Pioneers: Keeble Family, Part I

Blount County: 1830 Census Index



Nov 1986 - Sold Out

New Providence Church:  First 100 Years

Volume II, No. 2 Eusebia Presbyterian Church: History (reprint of 1924 Homecoming program)

Charles Kirkpatrick-Nancy Boyd Family

Jacob D. Ore

Lebow and Allied Families, Part I

Keeble Family, Part II

Blount County: Auto Club Members, 1916

Blount County: Births, 1881-1882, Part I



May 1987 - Sold Out

Blount County Pioneers: Everett Family

Volume III, No. 1 Keeble Family, Part III

Lebow & Allied Families, Part II

Some Rev. War Soldier Records : William Benson Pension

Eagleton Family Bible Records

Blount County: Births, 1881-1882, Part II



Nov 1987 - $8.00

Blount County Pioneers: Craig Family

Volume III, No. 2 Will of John White

Common Law as a Legal System

Family Named Gay

More Everett Descendants



May 1988 - $2.00

When Johnny Came Marching Home:

Volume IV, No. 1 Company B, 3rd Regiment, TN National Guard

1870 East TN Masonic Institute Students

Kennedy Family Reunion, 1923

Augusta County, VA: Marriages by Rev. Scott, 1785-1789

Halifax County, VA: Heads of Households, 1785

Blount County: Births, 1881-1882, Part III

Noah Thomas discharge letter, 3rd Reg. TN Cavalry

Church Records: Little River Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1877-1882

Blount County: Early Deeds, Part I



Nov 1988 - $8.00

Fort Craig: Its People and Its Influence

Volume IV, No. 2 Halifax County, VA: Early Marriages

Blount County: Early Deeds, Part II

Will of Edward Tuck

Greene County, TN: First Tax List, 1783

Six-Mile Church Membership

Bible Records:

John & Merdy Land, John Greer Montgomery, Alex Gamble,

Wm Edgar Russell, Colville Russell, "Chestnut Flats"

Burchfield, McNeal, Slusser, Purkey

Blount County: Births, 1881-1882, Part IV



May 1989 - Sold Out

Polly Toole & [The Rescue of] Blount County Records

Volume V, No. 1 Rosters of 2nd & 3rd TN Cavalry Rgt USA

Loss of the 3rd TN Cavalry on the Sultana

Civil War Veteran Photo Collection

TN Casualties of the Sultana

Marked Graves/2nd TN Cavalry buried in Blount Co

Reunion of the 3rd TN Cavalry

John Alexander & Andrew Kennedy,  Patriots

Deed of David Craig, 15 Nov 1794

Blount County: Early Deeds, Part III



Nov 1989 - Sold Out

Chilhowee Mountains: Watering Places

Volume V, No. 2 Blount County: Survey Book, 1806-1807

Eusebia Presbyterian Church Minutes Index, 1832-1860

Andrew Perry's Experiences on the Sultana

John Russell-Jenny McNutt Family

Robert A. Russell Biography

Blount County Pioneers: Thomas & Samuel Keeble

Eli Garner's Notebook

Keeble Cousins on the Sultana

William McMurray Family

Family Bibles:    Stinnett-Cable,  Calvin Hoyle Fox, Frances Ogle Mellinger, Ira Thompson Bailey, Nancy Anderson Conner



May 1990 - Sold Out

Friendsville Quaker Cemetery Records

Volume VI, No. 1 Blount County: Chancery Court, Record Book 0, Part I [abstracts & index]

Workbook of James A. Greer, Blount Co. Chancery Court

Rebecca Keeble Farmer [& William Keeble's court testimony for Rev. War Pension]


Nov 1990 - $8.00

Ish Family

Volume VI, No. 2 Rev. War Soldiers: William Henry & Joseph Large

Thomas Montgomery-Mary Patton

Blount Co. Chancery Court: Records Book 0, Part II



Spring 1991 - Sold Out

General Sherman Comes to Blount County, Part I

Volume VII, No. 1 Index to Obituaries in The Maryville Times, 1884-1891

Wheatcroft Pedigree Chart

Tifenteller Family Chart

Family of Absolom Sparks & Margaret Allen Cox Ancestry Charts

Revolutionary War Records: John & James McDonald


Fall 1991 - Sold Out

General  Sherman Comes to Blount County, Part II

Volume VII, No. 2 Index to Obituaries in The Maryville Times, 1892-1895

Parks - Frazier Family

Delozier - Davis Family

Civil War Record of William C. Boyd

Eagleton Family Bible

Jessie Wallace Millsaps, 3rd TN Cavalry

Blount County Pioneers: Dunlap Family

McClain - Greenway Family



Spring 1992 - $8.00

Middlesettlements Methodist Church

Volume VIII, No. 1 Blount County: Marriages, 1911-1912

Maryville Normal & Preparatory School

Dr. J. D. Garner vs. Matthew Terrel

Wm. Conning & Jesse Peale, 1884

VA Militia & Pensioners Residing in TN 1835

Six Mile Cemetery



Fall 1992 - $8.00

Blount County: Marriages, 1913

Volume VIII, No, 2 Bylaws of Corporation of Maryville

Index to Obituaries in the Maryville Times: 1896-1899

W. E. Parham & The Parham Papers

A Return to Tuckaleechee

Chancery Court: Divorce, 1870-1883

McClure Family

George Washington Bird in the Civil War



Spring 1993 - Sold Out

Blount County: Civil Districts, 1834 & 1994

Volume IX, No. 1 Calvin Post Family

Blount County: Court Minutes, Taxes May 1808

Declaration of Robert Bryant, 7 Jun 1832

A List of Military Records donated to BCGHS

Magnolia Cemetery (chartered) 1882

Blount County: Marriages, 1914

Flour Sack Underwear, a poem

John Walker Family of Miller's Cove

Descendant Chart: John "Indian Killer" Walker

Pedigree Chart: Isabel Amanda F. "Mandy" Burchfield

Blount County Pioneers: Minnis Family

Obituary Index: [selected] Maryville Newspapers,


Blount County: Orphan Homes in 1900 Census



Fall 1993 - $2.00

John Mitchell, Highest Man in the Valley

Volume IX, No. 2 Blount County: Marriages, 1915

Capt. William Walker, War of 1812

Pedigree Chart: Delores C. Lansford

Blount County Pioneers: Thompson Family

Letters to Miss Cora Hammontree

Bible Record of Rev. Wm. M. Williams & Elizabeth Orr

Maps of East Tennessee

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery

Dr. Ghormley's Letters from Federal Prison (Civil War)

Obituary of Mrs. Lydia L. Freshour, 1925

Civil War Record of Andrew McTeer



Spring 1994 - Sold Out

History of Maryville College, 1819 - 1994

Volume X, No. 1 History of Alcoa's Black Community, 1926

Petition for Redress of Land Suits, 1826

Blount County: Marriages, 1916

German Origins of the Westward Movement

James Calvin Howard, Soldier of the Lost Cause

Keeble vs Keeble: Chancery Court Suit

Declaration of Peter Brakebill

Some Facts about Historical Maryville

State of TN: Commission Book I, 1896-1801

Additional Information on Thompson-Tallent Family



Fall 1994 - $2.00

Blount County: Males 21 & older, 1891

Volume X, No. 2 Blount County Pioneers: Gamble Family

Blount County: Marriages, 1917

Indian Claims including families:   Taylor, Bigby, Foreman, Matthews, Collake, Colston, Creasman, Blyth, Hardin, Whitaker, Ellis, Birchfield, Matheson, Davis.

Family Group Sheets: John & Mary Walker, Thomas Walker



Spring 1995 - $8.00

Blount County: Marriages, 1918

Volume XI, No. 1 The Men Who Built Ft. Loudoun

Loudon County: Males 21 & older, 1891

Anderson Families of Blount County, Part 1

Cunningham Family & Notes



Fall 1995 - $8.00

Blount County: Marriages, 1919

Volume XI, No. 2 Monroe Co. TN: Males 21& older, 1891

Parham Family of Blount & Knox Counties

Blount County: Historical Markers

Civil War Records: Wm C. Boyd

Asa Presley, Union Army



Spring 1996 - $8.00

Dr. A. Randolph Shields, 1913-1996

Volume XII, No. 1 My Stories of Greenback

Framers of the TN Constitution

Blount County: Marriages, 1920

East TN, America's Other South

Proof of Parentage of G. C. Davis

Samuel Tarbett Family



Fall 1996 - $12.00

Blount County: Marriages, 1921

Volume XII, No. 2 Bicentennial History of Maryville & Blount County

Blount County: Chancery Court Cases; Lorenzo Donaldson & Sarah Cunningham vs. Matilda Waters; John Leverton & wife vs. Adam Waters & others

Southern Claims Commission Files: Matilda Dunlap

Claim #18165; Elijah L. Hatcher Claim #13413

The Mysterious Mary Blair of John Houston's Will, 1784

Fanny Arrowood Whitehead/widow of James Whitehead: Civil War Pension Claim

Blount County Pioneer: Joseph Black



Spring 1997 - $8.00

Blount County Historian, Inez Burns

Volume XIII, No. 1 Bicentennial History of Maryville, Chronological

Blount County: Marriages, 1922

Anderson Families of Early Blount County

Blount County: Civil Districts

McGhee-Howard-Jones Feud

Will of William Garner, 7 Feb 1800

1904 Wood School

Ancestors of David Keith Hampton



Fall 1997 - $2.00

The Jenkins Family

Volume XIV, No. 2 James T. Keeble, Civil War Experience

Blount County: Marriages, 1923

Tedford/Hamil Abandoned Cemetery

Anderson Family of 4-Mile Area

William Henry Harrison Cruze, Union Soldier

Friends (Quakers) during the War

Estate of Alexander Ish, Partition of Slaves



Spring 1998 - $2.00

Territory South of the French Broad River

Volume XIV, No. 1 Obituary of George Nimon

Growing Up In Maryville in Early 1900s

Blount County: Marriages, 1924

Blount County: A Brief History

New Providence Presbyterian Church: Deed 1809

Blount County: WWI Casualties

Family of Mrs. Hannah Thompson

Montgomery Clan News



Fall 1998 - $2.00

Episcopalian Story & on the Little TN River, 1852

Volume XIV, No. 2 Wildwood Bottling Company Lawsuit

Civil War Claims: Jared Mead

Blount County: Marriages, 1925

Old Places of Interest in Blount Co. by Parham (1930)

Delinquent Tax Payers, 1911 - 10th District

Major Epidemics in the US: 1657 to 1851

Isaac White & Nancy Agnes Everett White Family

Family Group Records: Cowan / Walker

Family Group Records: Cowan / Colville



Spring 1999 - $2.00

Blount County Schools: past and present

Abstracts Rev War Pensions & Bounty Land Warrants

Blount ,  Cocke , Jefferson , & Sevier Counties

Soldiers & Patriots of Blount County



Fall 1999 - $8.00

Captain Emerson J. Lones

Co. B of WWI leave for training camps

Lanier School: 1922 thru 1998

Early Graduates of Lanier High School

Two Lowry Families of VA & East TN

When & Where did Moses Gamble Marry?

Ewing Jefferson College

Anderson Families of Blount County

Samuel Anderson Family

Blount County: Chancery Court Records (Al Dockter)



Spring 2000 - $2.00

Wood School Students 1914

John Collins, Quaker Artist, Minister & Educator, 1814-1902

Summary of the Cox Family

Bill Grimm

Blount County: 1930 Census

US 2000 Census

Blount County: Marriages, 1928

Bussell Family of Bussell Town

Hamil Family

John Walker's Family Record



Fall 2000 - $2.00

Hiram Gay Fire Company Parade

Obituary of Joseph F. Griffitts

Territory South of French Broad - Land Grants

Blount County: Marriages, 1928

Williamson Cemetery

Williamson Chapel United Methodist Cemetery

Obediah Ray, Jr and Sr

Ridgeview Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Marble Hill Baptist Church Cemetery

Mount Nebo Church in Jesus Name Cemetery

Rocky Branch Holiness Church of God Cemetery



Spring 2001 - $2.00


New Providence Pres.  Church, Pew Book 1827-1852

Blount County: Marriages 1930

Kagley's or Old Kagley's Cemetery

Russell Family or Maryville Baptist Tabernacle Cemetery

Calderwood Graves

Anderson Hall Maryville College



Fall 2001 - $2.00

Hammontree(s) - Letters from the 5th East TN Infantry

Kerr Family of Blount & Loudon Counties

Dr. Jesse C. Kerr: Inventory, Blount Co. Estate Book

Mary Blount Chapter of NSDAR

By-Ways & Hi-Ways of TN

Territory South of French Broad-Land Grants



Spring 2002 - $2.00

Barclay McGhee Family (Inez Burns)

McGhees buried at New Providence

Ervin & Lois Taber, Quaker Missionaries

Revolutionary Soldier Robert Rhea / Red Top Cemetery

Miller Funeral Home Records, 1941-1945

Will of John Walker

Bible Record of Samuel Frank Cowan, Jr, 1810-1917



Fall 2002 - $8.00

1890 Union Veterans Census

Civil War: Misc. Notes

Blount County:  Rebels (72)

Blount County: Chancery Court Records

Kinzel Springs Road

Roses of Blount County

Ewing & Jefferson or Holston College

Eusebia Presbyterian Church & Cemetery

Blount County Pioneer: John Sharp, Jr.

History of Methodist Hill in Maryville

Parish of Raloo in North Ireland

"Preacher Belt" & the Wrath of God



Spring 2003 - $2.00

Dr. Jeptha Davis Garner: Educator, Physician, Minister

Miller Funeral Home Records

Robert Everett, American Patriot

Early Marriage Bonds of Blount County

[Estate Records mentioning Slaves]

Obituary of Rev. Spencer Henry

John Gillespy's children

Obituary of John McCampbell

In Memoriam: Mrs. Kate Elizabeth Reagan

More Roses of Blount County



Fall 2003 - $2.00

Fort Harry [Confederate Fortress]

Armistice Day - Nov 11, 1918

Middlesettlements United Methodist Church

James Hammontree - War of 1812

Shady Grove Church & Cemetery

Acquiring Land in Tennessee

Jim Hamil's $1200

Miller Funeral Home, Part 2

Blount County Pioneer: John Clark

Obituary of George Nimon

William Bennett Scott Sr. - Former Mayor & Publisher

Lucinda Jane Sparks Cable: Women with a Gentle Touch

Cades Cove Schools

Samuel H. Gault, M.D.



Spring 2004 - $8.00

The Hannum Mansion "Cedar Circle"

Charles Boyd: Antebellum Negro

Rev. Fielding Pope (1801-1867)

Early General Stores in Louisville

The 2nd Founder of Maryville College (Prof. Lamar)

Queen Victoria received former Blount Co. Slave

Partitioning Mary C. Prater Slaves

Selected Abstracts of Blount County Minutes

Disco Community [Louisville]

Kit Carson School

Tale of the Traveling Tombstone (John Delzell)



Fall 2004 - $8.00

Tribute to Inez Burns

Some History of Tuckaleechee Methodist Church

John Myers Found Underground Water by Dowsing

Ex-President Johnson at Maryville

Parham Writes on Black Veterans of Wars

Message in a Bottle / Old Wildwood Springs Hotel

Application of John Davis / Rev War Pension

Blount County Pioneers: James & Samuel Henry

Death of Pad Porter [story of aged colored man  d.1920]

Confederate Pension Applications, Blount County

Blount County Militia Officers

Me & You're Kin [some Blount County families]

Cades Cove Methodist Cemetery

Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Cemetery

Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Cemetery

Descendants of Gilbert Blankenship Found in Missouri

Mrs. Thelma Hardin: 1st Secretary/Bookkeeper Alcoa City

Letters Held at Maryville Post Office (1832)



Spring 2005 -$8.00

Watering Places in the Chilhowees  [Springs of Blo. Co.]

Line Springs Hotel

African-American Union Soldiers in the Civil War

Family of Robert Sharp and Letitia Sharp

DAR Rev War Monument - Additional Names

Early Settlers of Six Mile: Kagley, Gardner, Thompson

Searching for Native Americans

Maryville's College Street as it was known in the 1940s

Family Maston Bailey

Resurrection of Mt. Moriah Methodist Church

Costs of Maryville Library in the late 1920s

The "Missing Link" for Some Anderson Families

Demise of Babcock Lumber Company Plant in Alcoa

Babcock Lumber Company in Tellico

Thompson-Brown House

Obituary of Mrs. Rebecca Jane McClanahan Lane

Genealogy Gleanings: Knowing What Enumerators were

instructed [U.S. Census]

Back Door to Battle: The Civil War in Blount County



Fall 2005 - $8.00

Dr. Pride's Lands & Samuel Pride Mansion Photo

Freedman's School

Freedman's Normal Institute

Professor Garner's Camping Party

The Moses Gamble House

Moses Houston Gamble

Judge Gamble Tells of Early Football Days

Dedication of Fort McTeer

The Eaglestons and the Clarks: A Family Affair

Sgt Richard M. Masterson (1836-1893) His Diaries of East TN Life & Civil War in the Union Army [book review]

The Best and Related Families of Blount County

Genealogy Gleanings: Walker, Murphey, Keeble [families]

A Tennessean's Prayer

Blount County Pioneer: William "Fightin" Billy Tipton

Genealogy Gleanings: The Justice of the Peace

Calderwood Memories [book for sale]

Remembrances of Christmas Times in Blount County

Dean Stone's Photos (Book Publication Notice)

Notes from the Maryville Times, May 28, 1885

McDowell Family in Blount County

History of Cloyd's Creek United Presbyterian Church

Cloyd's Creek Presbyterian Cemetery



Spring 2006 - $12.00

Jackie Glenn, Archivist receives Award

Demise of Slate Industry in Blount County

Tribute to Mrs. Susan Wiley Cooper Walker

Time Mellows "Feudin' Churches"

Amerine Iron Forge

Clarence Walker & Big Springs Community

Happy Valley in Blount County 1930s

Honoring Stars, Stripes Saves Confederate Lives

Hatcher Brothers in the Civil War

Walker Sisters: Women of the Smokies (new book)

Cades Cove Methodist Cemetery

Citing Your Electronic Sources

Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Cemetery



Fall 2006 - $2.00

Sidney Lanier at Montvale Springs Hotel

The Century Farms of Blount County

A Short Bio Sketch of the Toole-Wallace Family

Historic National Campground

Community of "Sunshine" (Kinzel Springs)

An Interview with Lenore ("Bill") West Ramsey

Singleton Brothers Honored for Civil War Service

The Emancipation Proclamation: Tearing Down America's    Great Wall

Early Iron Works Flourished till 1840s in Smokies



Spring 2007 - $2.00

Blount County Health Dept: 1st Est. in TN

Howard School and Community

Early Montgomerys of Blount County

Burials in Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery

Will Parham Visits Walland and Townsend, 1925

Ben Morton Left School at 15

Do Not Erase the Heritage of Our Past

Blount County Merchants, Tradesmen & Manufacturers

Financial Conditions of 1902

Some Facts about Blount County from 1850 Census

Union Temple AME Cemetery Burials



Fall 2007 - $2.00

Haworth Family Record

Haworth House in Maryville

Union Grove Methodist Church and Community

Union Grove Cemetery

Calvin Baldwin Family Lineage & Photographs

Dean Stone receives Award

TN passes Act for Relief of Free Persons of Color

Walker's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church

John & Lucy Riddle of Washington Co & Blount Co, TN

A Short History of the John Walker Family

Photos:Big Springs School 1901 & Walker Family Reunion



Spring 2008 - $2.00

Historic Sam Houston Schoolhouse Managers

Sam Houston Resigns

One of the Oldest Communities in TN: Unitia

Some Whitehead Families in Blount County

Squire Ross' Farm Becomes Subdivision

James and Caroline Carnes of Blount County

Ma and Pa Hamil's 1897 Travels

Information from "The Census Book"

[Blount County] Reunion Information

School Roll of Lavator Wear, 1868

Updated Cemetery Census in Library

Veterans had Pleasant Time at 1917 Reception



Fall 2008 - $2.00

Williams' Mills in Blount County

History and General Information of Rockford

Rockford Baptist Church: A Brief History

Hughs Your Father, Josiah?

Schlosser Leather Company

Nearby Greenback

Charter Members of Union Grove Baptist Church

History of Union Grove Baptist Church

Union Grove Baptist Church Cemetery

East Miller's Cove Schools Prior to Walland Elem. School

Discovery of Our Ancestry using Genealogy Research and Scientific Means

James Gillespie House Burns

Some of Blount County Communities, 1892

Paving of Maryville's Main Street

Everett Elementary School, 1943

Civil War Re-Enactment of Thompson-Brown House

Looking for a Blount County Civil War Soldier Ancestor?

Short History: Cades Cove Preservation Assoc. Museum

Autograph Book Memories

Old Fashioned Wash Day

Memories of World War II



Spring 2009 - $8.00

Cades Cove Bloomery Forge

Blount Countians Active Formation of the GSMNP

Hearon/Herron Family in the GSMNP

Map of Land Ownership in the Area of the Future GSMNP

For Sale Cades Cove Home Places

Richwoods Community Disappeared When Park Formed

Long Family Cantilever Barn and Bible Records

Heads of Families in Cades Cove in 1830 Census

Cemeteries located in the Blount Section of the GSMNP

Black Sulphur Spring

Montvale Hotel Silverware

Genealogy Record Revision: Hughs Family

Edna's Story: Edna McDowell Morris

Blount County: Death Certificates

Local Historians: Inez Burns & J. Esther Montgomery

Lodge Elections Reported on Dec. 10, 1907



Fall 2009 - $2.00

CCC helped build the GSMNP in the 1930s

Places in the Blount Section of the GSMNP

Locations of Some CCC Camps in the Smokies

Enrollees from Blount County, TN in the CCC

New Park Provided for Campgrounds in Blount County

CCC Veterans from Blount County

Sources for More Information on the CCC

Let's Salute the Youth CCC Too!

The Mailbox: Life in Cades Cove

Two Little Known Maryville Hotels

Travel Log of Alexander Montgomery

Jo Burger: Maryville's Beloved Citizen & Businessman

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Local Authors: Dean Stone & Al Dockter

BCGHS Picnic and Cemetery Programs

Maryville College Cemetery

Looking for Finley or Saffell Family Information?

Dead Letters in the Maryville Post Office 1882 and 1883

Maryville Polytechnic High School Notes 1907

Recognition of Dean Stone and George B. Henry



Spring 2010 - $2.00

Blount County: Forts and Stations 1784-1794

Wear-Weir-Wier-Ware Families of Blount County

Old People in Blount County in 1889

A Brief History of the [BCGHS] Society

Mystery of Alexander Montgomery Unveiled!

Cades Cove Bell Tolls for Historian Dave Post

Ancestors of David William Post

Hazel Blankenship celebrates her 8th Birthday 1899

Blackburn/Thompson Family of Blount County

Local Genealogist Margaret Whitehead Rhyne

Maryville Star Pupils for September 1906

History of Maryville Quaker Cemetery

Wilder's Church and Cemetery

Camping on the Little Tennessee River: 1914, 1915, 1916

Boat Gunnel Road in Townsend

New Book: Images of America, Blount County



Fall 2010 - $2.00

The History of Presbyterian Churches in Blount County

Old Photos of Presbyterian Churches

Clover Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery

BCGHS Picnic & Montgomery Reunion

The Legacy: From Scotland to Ulster to Eusebia

Slave Ancestry: Kerr, McNutt, Montgomery & Henry Part I: Kerr in Sevier and Blount Counties

Part II: Blount County Connections

Part III: Discovering My Family Roots

Revival of [Hardin] an African-American Cemetery

Hardin Chapel AME Zion Church Cemetery Listing

Local Authors: Tizzy Timmons & Ted Tindell

My Sanderson Story

Boring/Boren Families of Blount County

Descendants of John and Rachael Murray Boring

John Hartsell Boring Family

James Boring Civil War Letter to Sister Betsey Whitehead

Photos of Blount County Boring Families

Isaac Preston Boring Family of Cades Cove

Boring Family in 1920 Census, 3rd District, Blount Co.

Adult Boring Family Members born before 1900 & buried in Blount County before 1980

Veteran Indian Workers: Former Blount Countians Retire



Spring 2011 - $2.00

List of Civil War Articles previously in the Blount Jrnl.

David Spradlin(g)'s Civil War Service & Pension

Blount County During and After the War Between the States

What Happened to Some Families During the Civil War

Blount County Votes to Secede on June 8, 1861

Civil War Facts from the East Tennessee Almanac

Blount County Civil War Script

General Sherman Comes to Blount County-Part I

Letter from Dr. Samuel Pride to His Wife

Photographs of Pride Mansion

Nathan Sparks: Cades Cove Leader and Defender

Some Civil War Articles From Brownlow's Knoxville Whig

Captain William Hutton Henry

Family of Napoleon Bonaparte McClain of Blount County

Poem: The Fifth Tennessee

Court Documents: Transcribed vs. Original

Uncle Andy Paul

Greenback Order of United American Mechanics: Photo



Fall 2011 - $2.00

General Sherman Comes on Blount County: Part II

Civil War & the Phelps Family of Blount County

Photos of Service for Pvt. William Thompson Phelps

Maryville College and the Civil War

Explosion of Steamship Sultana & Blount County Men

Blount County's Negro Soldiers in the Civil War

Civil War and the Anderson Family of Four Mile

Absalom T. Farr, Union Man

Henry Pride: Former Slave, Civil War Soldier

Attempted Bridge Buring at Strawberry Plains: Pickens Men

Greenberry Payne, Civil War Soldier--His Family in Blount

Petition for Reimbursement for Wheat Taken During the War

Courthouse Records Saved When Maryville Set on Fire

Recollections of the Civil War in Blount County

Three Brickey Brothers and the Civil War

Civil War Veterans Buried in Magnolia Cemetery



Spring 2012 - Sold Out

Schools Featured in this Blount Journal:

Rockford School, Cades Cove Schools, White School, Bungalow School and Community, Prospect (Blount Co.1st School), Charles Martin Hall High School of Alcoa, Holston College, Porter Academy (Blount Co. 1st High School),  Simmons School (South of Big Spring), Louisville Schools

Beginning Dates for Some Blount County Schools

1882 School Notes from the Scrapbook of A.M. Gamble

List of Blount County School Superintendents

Blount County Schools Past and Present

Photo of Students in Upper School in Cades Cove, 1905-1914

Blount Schools mentioned in previous Blount Journals

Early Negro Schools in Maryville

Oakland or Dunkard Meeting House & School of the Brethren


Fall 2012 - $8.00

Quaker Influence in Education during Reconstruction

Colored Schools of Blount County

Family of Anderson & Annie McClure

Inez Burns' Notes on Blount County Schools

Blount County Teachers' Salaries in 1869

What It Took to Get an 8th Grade Education in 1895

Eagleton Village School & Community

First Niles Ferry School in 1914

Maryville City Schools began as Separate System in 1898

Maryville Business College and Maryville Polytechnic School

Do We Want a High School (1937 Newspaper Article)

Carpenter's School Students (1918)

Rocky Branch Students once Crossed River

County Teachers are Announced (1937)

Blount County Schools by Civil District (1918)

The "Dam" School - Nails Creek

Rush Strong is Named for Knoxville Philanthropist

Everett School, Memories of  "The Hill"

Nelson School History

McCulloch School Students in the 1920s

Blount Schools' Census by Districts from 1889 & Later

Montgomery Monument dedicated to Early Settlers

Roster of Public Schools: 1957

Miss Sallie Smith's School in Maryville about 1890

Porter School Students circa 1918-1920

West View School: 1915



Spring 2013 - $12.00

Johnnie Esther Montgomery is 100 Years old

Rediscovering Julian Land near Wildwood

Painting of Bethlehem Methodist Church

Then and Now -- A Pictoral Look Back in Maryville

Lewis C. Buckner:  African-American Skilled Artisan

[Listing of] Blount Journal Articles about Black History

History of the Works Progress Administration (WPA)

WPA Helped Save Women of Blount County in the 1930s

Three Soldier Who Fought Together at Battle of Kings Mtn

History of Houston Memorial Presbyterian Church

A New Milk Bottle -- Oak Grove Dairy

Maryville Improvement Company (1889)

Local Farm News & Farm Has No Shutdown in Hard Times

Century Farms Identified in Blount County

Viaduct Survey is Being Made (1931)

Epidemics in the U.S. -- 1633 through 1952

History of Myers Cemetery & Tuckaleechee Cove

Townsend Mercantile, A Company Store & Townsend, TN

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Blount County

Pleasant Hill Community News (1931)

Items from The Watchman Newspaper in 1882



Fall 2013 - $2.00

Family of Thomas and Nancy Hudgins Spradlin

Blount Countian David H. Templin, East TN Researcher

Preacher Andy Gregory

History of the Crawford and Duncan Families of Blount Co.

Black Threads Amongst the Weave of Tennessee Gray

Spencer Clemens & Lillian Myrtle Renfro Family Reunion

Fifty Old Blount County Post Offices

Dr. Gail Palmer, Author; Native of the Great Smoky Mtns

Community Comes Together to

Honor Blount County's 80 Black Civil War Soldiers

Roads in Blount County, Origins of Some Names

Marble Business in Blount County

Maps of Early American Migration Routes

Four Mile Baptist Church Baptismal Service (1918)



Spring 2014 - $2.00

The Story of Adam Wilson and His Family

Ulster Plantation System Gave Rise to Scots-Irish Families Migration to American Colonies

Do You Speak Scots-Irish and Don't Know It?

Primitive Baptist History in Blount County: 1800-1919

Little Greenbrier School and Church

Document Family Photos: Don't Let People & Memories be Forgotten

History of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

Blount County Historical Museum - Historical Treasures

Statistics of Blount County from The East Tennessean 1857

Dr. John Patton Blankenship

Old Landmark is being Demolished: Old Hood Building

Palatine Emigration to America

Discovery of the 1747 Property/Home Site: John Houston & Esther Houston Montgomery in Augusta County, VA

Interesting What You Find When You Read Old Newspapers

Death Info for Blount County in the 1860 Census

TN Gazetteer 1881 and 1887 Business Directory

Some History of America's Indentured Servants (condensed from American History Illustrated)



Fall 2014 - $2.00

Blount County's Sam Houston to Honored with a Statue

Coach William T. Everett at Maryville College

Reunion of 1961-1962 Maryville College Football Teams

Sorting Out of Houstons: Part 1

Descendants of John & Esther Houston Montgomery in Washington Co, VA

Confederate Veteran Remembered: William Carter Grave Marked at Baker's Creek Cemetery

Genealogy Research at the Blount County Library

Painting of Former Maryville Mayor Sam Everett Unveiled

Blount County Men Selected for the First Draft WWI

Lost & Found: Detective Work, Luck Lead to Discovery of Ancestors' Graves

Blount County Historic Trust Awards include Emancipation Day Celebration Committee Members

Peery Firm Manufacturers, Marketers of Blount Products



Spring 2015 - $10.00

Brief Overview of Blount County's Grist Mills

Rowan & Berry Families in Blount County

Sorting Out the Houstons: Part Two

Mid-1890's Strings Class in Maryville

Will of Warner Martin

John Gamble Burns' Mills

Dean Stone presents 1880's Photo of A.J. Neff House to Descendants

Washington Co, VA: A Gateway into TN (Evolution of Counties)

History of the Oldest Mill in Maryville: Williams Mill

History of Pleasant Hill Methodist Church

The Cane Creek Community in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP)

Beulah Cooper Taught School in the Cane

Rev. Howard Clarence Gregory, My Father

Strolling with Bert Vincent: Mystery of "Bill Mullens" Solved



Fall 2015 - $10.00

Cave Roller Mill

The Spence Field Herder: Tom Sparks

Ulster Genealogy Conference Notes: March 20, 2015

Scots-Irish Books Available at the Blount Co. Public Library

Clover Hill Mill: The Last Operating Mill in Blount Co.

Albert Warren Dockter, Jr.

Blount County's Records Management & Archives Dept Move

Celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation

Blount County Historical Markers

Everett High School Graduating Class - about 1925

Cherokees Hid Lead Mine Secrets from All but Dr. Gillesby

Inez Burns' Book Blount County's Best for History

Is This How That Expression Really Came About?



Spring 2016 - Sold Out

Eusebia Presbyterian Church Records & History

History All Around Us: Dean Stone, Inez Adams, Roy Crawford Jr

Statue of Sam Houston Dedicated March 19, 2016

US Census Historical Facts, Hidden Clues & Trivia

Genealogy Tips & Tricks: 1890 US Veterans Schedules

Alcoa Aluminum Company, The Early Years  [part 1]

Genealogical DNA Testing & The Blount Co DNA Registry

Supplemental Information on DNA

Tanasi 1796 - A Historical DocuDrama

Bits & Pieces

Holy Graffiti - A Look from Behind the Pulpits at Cades Cove

Black History Resources available at Blount Co Library



Fall 2016 - $12.00

Blount County’s History in Good Hands

Cherokee Proud: A Guide for Tracing Cherokee Ancestors

American Indian Genealogy Resources at the Blount Co. Library

Orphaned Family bible Needs to Return Home

Home at Last: Orphaned Bible Returned to Family

Tennessee Readmission Day, 24 July 1866

Blount First County in State Authorized to Hold a Fair

Rededication of the Brakebill Cemetery

Review of Brakebill History Sources at the Blount Co. Library

Sandy Springs Area: Then and Now

Ft. Craig Once County Seat

James McTeer: First Immigrant/ McTeer Family to Settle in Blount Co

Dr. J. D. Singleton, M.D.

Revisions & Corrections to Thomas’ Research on my Blount Co. Anderson Line

Index of bible Records in the Blount Journal

Scottish Genealogy Seminar Review

Articles about Black & Black History in the Blount Journal

Cherokee & Indian Enumerated in the Federal Census

The Family Bible

My Genealogical Will for Preserving My Family History





Spring 2017 - $12.00

Blount County and World War I

Historical Treasures: Gala Recognizes Three

Hubert Dean Stone (1924-2016)

David H. Templin (1935-2017)

Military Service of Men from Blount Co. during WWI

Military Service of Men from Blount Co. during WWI Sample Pages

Military Service of Men from Blount Co. during WWI Bibliography

Blount County Schools: 150th Anniversary & Timeline

Brief History of Carpenter’s Campground Church & Cemetery

The Henry Family: Builders of Early Mills in Blount County

Listing of All Blount County Schools from 1786 to Present

Index of Students in Blount Co Schools: 1866 to 1939

(1920s) Kidd Reunion & Photo Identification

Thompson Genealogy

The James & Margaret Weir Home

William B. Scott Sr.: A Documented Timeline (Part 1)

“Trail of Tears” Lecture by Don Wells

More Strange Fiction

Genealogy Tips & Tricks: Your Ancestor’s FAN Club

Using the Student Index: A Case Study

Wanted: Blount County High School Yearbooks



Fall 2017 - $12.00

Remembering Terry Huffstetler

Linda Albert Named City of Maryville Historian

Military Service of Men from Blount County during WWI

Women on a Mission: War Relief Words of the TN Div of UDC

How Much Will You Give to Buy This Hospital?

Henry/Peery Mill on Little River Built Circa 1842

Teachers & Principals of Blount County TN Schools (1800-1960)

Richard “Dick” Evey Remembered (1914-2013)

The Bird Genealogy & History

Peery Family in Early Blount County

Myers Cemetery Preservation Association

History of Tuckaleechee/Townsend

Foothills Voices: Echos of Southern Applachia

William B. Scott, Sr: Timeline (Part 2) 1870 & Beyond

Letter from a Cherokee / Jane Bushyhead

ALCOA 1920 Yearbook: Advantages for the Colored Workman

Online Cherokee Resources

Inez Burns and Her Book



Spring 2018 - $12.00

Remembering Ralph H. Lee

BCGHS Charter Members and BCGHS Beginnings

Local Authors Will Attend Meeting & Book Signing

Elizabeth Anne Grove - Genealogist (1922-2017)

Special Recognition: Lamar Printing & Tipton Signs

Civil War (Blount County) Script

History of the Smoky Mountain Historical Society

Alexander Kelly - Early TN Pioneer and Blount Co Resident

Bakers Creek Church and Cemetery

History of St. Paul Lutheran Church & Other Early Lutheran Churches in Blount County

Blount County Soldiers in WWI - Update

Bakers Creek Church Member Baptisms (1838-1870)

Elizabeth Paxton Houston - Mother of Gen. Sam Houston

Genealogy in Past Issues of The Blount Journal (1988-2017)

William B. Scott, Sr.: Part 3 / Family & Related Deeds

“I Was Free Born” and William Carter Timeline with original documents

The Cherokees Before 1800 (Maryville College Student Paper - 1928)

Tips from Professional Genealogy Websites

Look What I Found at the Library: Bible Records

Blount County Churches with Reference Files

Help When You Have Reached That Brick Wall

Request for Old Photographs, Documents and Stories

Fall 2018 - $12.00

Blount Countians Shared during Wilderness Wildlife Week

Donation of Family Genealogy Book includes Unique Blount Co. Case Study

Lorene Bean Smith & Betty Best honored at Blount Co. Commission Meeting

Abandoned Hart Wear (Weir) Cemetery

Isaac G. Anderson - Civil War Activity on His Farm

Southern Claims Commission - Genealogy Extraction / Isaac G. Anderson

Remembering The Blount County's Fallen Police Officers

The Sound of Music Came to Blount County first (von Trapp Family)

Lorene Bean Smith, Blount County Historian

Our Ancestry: Bean - Kerr - Willocks

Dalton Family in Blount County Tennessee

Bakers Creek Church Cemetery by W. E. Parham

Letter from W. E. Parham to Mrs. C. L. L. Messler re: Misc. Blount Co. Cemeteries

"Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Bakers Creek Cemetary" by Mrs. Sam H. Pickens

Bakers Creek Cemetery References from Gone So Soon Vol. II (McGinnis)

Abstracted Genealogy Data of Black Families in Blount County

Native American Research - Online Records

Ruth Mathews and Blount County Death Certificates

Explanation of Terms Used on Death Certificates

"What Does That Mean...?"

Look What I Found at the Blount County Public Library! - Placenames of TN

Subject Listing of The Blount Journal covers from past issues

Spring 2019 - $15.00

Anna Bell Smith, Founding Mother of the Blount County Public Library

Maryville College Celebrates Bicentennial

Doing Good On the Greatest Possible Scale

It’s Never Too Late to Tell Your Story: Samuel Grover - C.S.A.

McReynolds Family – The Civil War – Magnolia Cemetery

Old Letters from Maryville and Finding Genealogical Clues

Maryville College Cemetery

Original Birth Record Log Books 1881-1882

Confederate Pension Applications – Digitized

Book Review – Meigs Line by McCarter and Kelly

Look What I Found at the Library Series – Printed [Genealogy] Sources

George Erskine - A Slave Emancipated and Prepared for Missionary Work 57

Indian Census Roll – Census of the Eastern Cherokee reservation 

    of the Cherokee, North Carolina jurisdiction, as of April 1, 1932 (part 2)


Fall 2019 - $15.00

ETHS Awards – Tim Walker & Linda Albert

New Alcoa Book by Judge Duggan available at Alcoa Municipal Bldg

2019 Obituaries: Martha Henry and Philip Bivens

Life Begins for the City of Alcoa / Alcoa Street Names

Former Maryville College Engineer Brown Obituary

Tizzy’s Corner: ALCOA Aluminum Band

Dr. S. Elizabeth Winter:  An East Tennessee Daughter

87 Year Old Blount County Man Finally Identifies His Birth Family 

    Through DNA Testing

The Jesse Kerr Family Robbery

Cades Cove Descendant Continues Hospitality Tradition

Genealogy Extracted from Queries in the First Issues of  The Blount Journal 

Long-Time Mystery of Father’s Nickname Solved

Alcoa’s Advantages for the Colored Workman - part 2 of 2

Indian Census Roll – Census of the Eastern Cherokee reservation of the Cherokee, 

            North Carolina jurisdiction, as of April 1, 1932 (part 3)

Book Review: Genealogy for Dummies

Spring 2020 - $15.00

Blount County Vietnam Soldiers - War Dead (Part 1 of 2)

"Your Loving Son, Amos Atchley" World War I Letters from a Homesick Soldier

Blount County Annual Report of the Department of Education for the School Year Ending June 30, 1932

Blount County's Beech Grove Community - Prior to Fort Loudon Lake

Sam Houston Schoolhouse Revisited

Indian Census Roll - Census of the Eastern Cherokee Reservation

"Blount County Dairies in Earlier Days" - Presentation by Ken Cornett at the

        Smoky Mountain Historical Society's Quarterly Meeting, March 15, 2020

BCGHS Book Donations to the Blount County Public Library

BCGHS Publishes a New Book (Digging for Ancestors)

Marleitta Cooper (January 11, 1946 - December 8, 2019)

BCGHS Member Memorial Page

Book Review - History of Blount County, Tennessee - by Inez Burns 

Fall 2020 - $15.00

The Equal Suffrage Association of Blount County, Tennessee

Maryville College's Equal Suffrage League

Have Ferries Disappeared Forever?

Blount County Vietnam Soldiers - War Dead (page 2 of 2)

Major League Baseball vs Maryville College Highlanders

Law's Chapel School

Genealogy Extracted from Queries in the First Issues of the Blount Journal

Using the U.S. Census to Create a Family Album in Words

The Best Sources to Look for Information and Genealogy Help

Missy Tipton Green and Paulette Ledbetter Recording Blount County Histories

Friends of the Library Publishes New Book - Maryville 1920

Spring 2021 - $15.00

The Beginning of a Hundred Years of Mary Blount Chapter DAR History & Epilogue

DAR Application - Q & A

100 Years Ago - The Spanish Influenza Pandemic Hits Blount County

Thunderhead - A Pleasant Trip and an Ocean of Scenery

Sarah Ann Bussell, ETHS Executive Director Retires

Cherel Henderson, ETHS Executive Director Retires

New ETHS President and CEO Warren Dockter has Strong Ties to Blount County

Jackie Glenn - Blount County Records Manager and Archivist Retires

Amanda Touchstone - New Records Manager and Archivist

Memorial Pages: Sarah Rebecca "Becky" Blankenship Darrell; William "Bill" Bird; Sarah Jeane "Sally" Heiskell

     Lassiter; Tony Edward Maynard.

Genealogy Extracted from Queries in the First Issues of The Blount Journal - page 3

Indian Census Roll - Census of the Eastern Cherokee Reservations

Book Review, Loyal Mountain Troopers - by Charles S. McCammon

Fall 2021 - $15.00

Blount County's Rockford Community: Prior to Fort Loudon Lake

The Early History of Blount County, Tennessee's Rockford Community

Rockford Postal Service

Rockford Lodge No. 269, F. & A. M.

Rockford Civil War Skirmish - November 14, 1863

Marriages Performed by James Thomas Sams (Justice of the Peace) 1893-1906

Calderwood Revisited: Meandering Back in Time

Alcoa Historical Markers Placed Inside City

The Blount County Genealogical and Historical Society (BCGHS) 2022 Program and Meeting Schedule

1853 Description of Maryville and Blount County

Memorial Pages: Bobby Grant Lawson 

Review of the Blount County Genealogical and Historical Society Website

Indian Census Roll - Census of the Eastern Cherokee Reservations

Book Review: Vital Statistics Booklets for Selected Tennessee Counties


Spring 2022 - $15.00

Blount County's Mint Community

Carpenters Campground Pioneer Families - Huffstetler and Carpenter

Carpenters Campground Cemetery Military Burials

Springbrook School's First Year

The Blount County Ladies Home Guard

Blount County Death Records

Blount County's Millennium Manor Castle

Memorial pages: Betty June Boone Best; Ruth Evelyn (Dunlap) Brackett; Shirley Susan (Ridings) Hall;

     Ruth Naomi (Howard) Joseph

Brigance Donations of Books

Musings of a Genealogy Volunteer

Indian Census Roll - Census of trhe Eastern Cherokee Reservations

Fall 2022 - $15.00

Old South Maryville and the Development of the College Hill District

The Origin of the Road Names in the College Hill Historic District

Magnolia Cemetery in the College Hill District of Maryville

The Chilhowee Club

BCGHS Preserves WWI Era Military Photographs

Memorial Pages: Cato Clowney Jr; James Burger "Jim" Cornett; Karen Jean (Grooms) Warren; Gladys Jane 

     "Janie" (Hicks) York

The 1950 Census - A Comprehensive Study

Remembering Al Brigance - A Letter to BCGHS

Spring 2023 - $15.00

The History of the Town of Morganton

The Brick Mill Community - Bakers Creek

History of Trigonia Community

Blount County's Historic Henry House and the Families who lived there

Brick Mill's Smoky Mountain Raceway and the NASCAR Grand National

Greenback Heritage Museum

Ross Thompson-WWII Soldier's Remains Found After 79 Years

Memorial Pages: Billy Kenneth "Ken" Cornett; George B. Henry; Robert George "Bob" Russell, Sr.; Arthur Jefferson "Jeff" Smith; Bobbie June Graves Young

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