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Welcome to my new TIPS section of the Blount County Genealogical and Historical Society

website. I hope you will be as interested in reading these TIPS as I am excited to have the

opportunity to write these TIPS. These will be genealogical and historical TIPS that I have

picked up over the years of conducting genealogy and historical research.


There have been many clients who have asked for my help and written reports over the past 40

years. I’ve also helped many searchers and researchers on a pro-bono basis at the Blount County

Public Library and the Cobb County Public Library in Marietta, Georgia. The Georgia Archives

in Atlanta was a great place to improve my research skills. Some of the best genealogists in the

country (maybe the world) held lectures and seminars in Georgia and more recently in



Elizabeth Shown Mills lectured in a little church in Acworth, Georgia, covering a 

range of genealogy topics. Ms. Mills’ book on Evidence is now a required reference source for

Certification through the Board of Certification of Genealogists. Helen Leary (author of North

Carolina Genealogy), Lloyd D. Bockstruck (writer of many books on military and land grants),

and Christine Rose (writer of courthouse research and their records) are the top in their field.


(Watch for my coming TIPS on the best genealogy books you can find in our Maryville, Blount

County Public Library very soon.)


I have given you some of my background to let you know that I have learned from the best

genealogy teachers and read the most well-written genealogy how-to books that have been

accepted by researchers at all levels. My hope and desire is that you will be able to use some of

the knowledge I have gathered and work hard to be the best genealogist, researcher, author or

historian that you can be.


My first TIP will be for beginning genealogists/researchers and for any people wanting to get a

quick review of genealogy principles, record keeping, organization and filing, and basic

standards to keep in mind. My second tip will probably be a list and description of the best

genealogy books available at our Maryville public library.


I look forward to reading your feedback.

April J. Wegner

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